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Criminal law and Administrative delicts law

We are aware that this is a legal area with very serious impact not only for business but also, and especially, for the personal sphere. The line between what is prohibited and what is permitted is often very thin. Recently, there has been a tendency to criminalise conduct that appears to be permissible, particularly in the course of business. That is why we have experts who really specialize in criminal and administrative delicts law to help you define the safe limits of your activities.

Main fields

  • Criminal information
  • Defence in Criminal proceedings
  • Help to injured persons
  • Crimes against the traffic regulations

Criminal law and Administrative delicts law

Our team includes experts who specialize in this area of law, so we can offer you our services in criminal defense, both in property and economic criminal cases, as well as in general criminal cases. We also provide assistance and representation in filing criminal information or asserting the rights of victims.

When dealing with a traffic or other offense, do not hesitate to contact us.

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