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Corporate law

Business companies form the major part of our clientele, so we are very familiar with the rules of their operation. Whether it is a limited-liability company, a joint-stock company or another type of business corporation, we will help you with its establishment, internal organization and internal relations, or with its transformation or dissolution and liquidation.

Main fields

  • Foundation of limited – liability company or joint-stock company
  • Transformations – Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • General meetings, changes of Memmorandum of Association
  • Transfer of business shares
  • Appointment of company members
  • Executive service agreement
  • Agreements among shareholders
  • Dissolution of company and Liquidation

Establishment and operation of the company

We will recommend the most suitable form of business corporation, prepare all the necessary documents, arrange a notary and handle the establishment of the company, obtaining a trade license and registration in the Commercial Register. We will prepare the general meeting, arrange a notary, and we can also represent you at the general meeting. We will prepare everything necessary for the change of the articles of association, for the increase or decrease of the share capital, additional payments outside the share capital, change of the registered office, recall and appointment of the managing director, proxy, board of directors or supervisory board. We will represent you in proceedings before the Registry Court. We also deal with relations within the company – preparation of articles of association, company actions, liability of the statutory body, etc. We will also prepare everything necessary for the transfer of business shares or stock. If you decide to dissolve the company, we will guide you successfully through the liquidation process.


Transformation of corporations

We have big experience in business corporation transformations, whether mergers or demergers. We will prepare a plan for the entire transaction, the transformation project and all related documents, and if you are interested, we will arrange a cooperating tax office, notary and experts.



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