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Civil law

We consider Civil law to be a fundamental branch of our legal system. It is the most widely used area of law in everyday life, and in our practice we deal with Civil law practically every day.

Main fields

  • All types of civil contracts including Securitisation instruments
  • Damage liabilities and claims of Unjust enrichment
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Co-ownership – Administration of an undivided thing, cancellation  and settlement of co-ownership
  • Inter-generational transfers
  • Family law– paternity determination, maintenance and support duty, adoption, divorces
  • Settlement of community property
  • Law of succession
  • Personality rights of an individual
  • Consumer protection

Ownership right

We focus on solving all issues related to property relations – acquisition of property, including acquisitive prescription, transfer of ownership (purchase, donation, exchange), security and rights in rem to foreign property – easements, pre-emption rights. In the case of co-ownership, we will advise you on how to manage the common property, how you can transfer your co-ownership share or how to cancel the co-ownership. We will also advise you on issues of residental co-ownership and association of unit owners.


Civil law contracts

We specialize in the preparation, analysis and review of all types of civil contracts, such as contract for work, contract of sale, donation contract, loan contract, lease contract, etc.


Inter-generational transfers

We are aware of the fact that a big issue today is ensuring a smooth handover of property and business to the next generation. In cooperation with tax advisors, we will prepare the most effective solution and prepare all the necessary paperwork.


Family law

We also deal with family and matrimonial law, with a focus on arranged divorces and related custody of minor children and the division of matrimonial property.


Law of succession

We can advise you on all types of disposition mortis causa, help you draw up a testament, inheritance contract or deal with disinheritance, and arrange for a notary if necessary. We will advise you on your rights as an heir, whether by testament, by legal succession or as a forced heir.

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