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Business law

Business law is one of our main specialisations. The founding partners of our law firm were at the very birth of the free enterprise environment in the Czech Republic and they actively participated in its formation. They were those ones who formulated some of the first contracts and commercial terms of banks, leasing and credit companies and other large business entities. Since then, we have successfully completed countless business transactions. We continue to draw on this wealth of experience in the environment of modern Business law.

Main fields

  • Draft and revision of business contracts, analysis of claims arising therefrom
  • Securitisation instruments
  • Damage liabilities and Unjust enrichment
  • Banking and Finance
  • Consumer loans
  • Economic competition
  • Unfair competition
  • Franchising

Business contracts and Securitisation instruments

We focus on preparation, analysis and review of all types of business contracts, such as Contract for work, Contract of sale, Contract of loan consumption, Credit contract, Lease contract, Usufructuary lease, Contract of deposit, Storage contract, Commercial agency contract, Brokerage contract, Contract of carriage, Insurance contract, etc. We will draft the appropriate type of contractual documentation for you or analyse claims arising from existing contracts. We will also suggest the best way of securing or corroboration of your claim, such as a pledge agreement,  bill of exchange, suretyship, acknowledgement of debt with a direct enforceability clause, or a contractual penalty. We can also help you prepare all the necessary contracts and terms and conditions if you are just starting your business.


Damage liabilities and Unjust enrichment

In case of a breach of contractual or statutory obligations, as well as in case of invalidity or cancellation of a contract, we will analyse your claims for compensation for harm or damages, including lost profits and unjus enritchment, and we will recommend the most appropriate options for further steps.


Banking and Finance

We have rich experience in financial services law, including banking law, leasing law, factoring, as well as commercial and consumer credit law. We are specialists in drafting and reviewing contract manuals for banks and financial companies. We will also analyse your existing contractual relationships with banks and financial institutions.


Law of economic competition, Law of unfair competition

We also deal with competition law as well as unfair competition claims, including business secret protection. We will advise you on how to behave in order not to violate the competition rules or commit unfair competition, or advise you on how to defend yourself against interference or threats from others.

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